Possibility Squad
2021 Group Coaching and Clearing Club
  • 10 Monthly 2-night Clearing Webinars (March-December 2021)
  • Access to all Recordings
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$180 + 15 Shipping/Handling: Enhance your clearing in the first 6 months of this program with two vibrationally programmed waters per month (12 total) that correspond with each month's clearing. You can see a description of the specific frequencies in the FAQ section at hiwattliving.com/possibility. You may also order these 2oz bottles (or the larger 16 oz mega bottles) once you're inside the membership site (so you don't have to rush a decision now). These are not required to participate in the program.

*Since water formulas were commissioned specifically for this course, the cost of each bottle is $15. The 16oz mega bottles (offered inside the member area) are $50 each.

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