"Clear Energy Blocks and Create a New Reality NOW"
What You'll Learn in the Energy Upgrade Audio Program:

Module 1: Energy 101

How does my energy work? What is a block made of? Why do blocks show up? How does this all fit in with God, The Universe, mindfulness, meditation, The Secret, etc? In this module, you will learn exactly how your field of energy works so you can begin to hack into it to create the life you want to have.

Module 2: Pulling in your New Reality

There's more to reality creation than just wishing and hoping. In order to create the life you want, you must match your own energetic frequency to the frequency of what you are pulling in. In this module, you will master the tools to use in your daily life that have been proven to put you on a fast track to pulling in your new reality quickly. 

Module 3: Clear Blocks & Get Connected

In this module, you will learn how to permanently clear the dense blocks of energy from your field using the proven tools and processes that Hi-Watt Living clients have been using for years. With these pockets of low-frequency energy blockages cleared, you will increase your overall vibration and align yourself with the love, abundance, and joy you're pulling in.

Module 4: The ABC's of Energy Upgrading

In this module, you will learn how to examine everything happening in your life and use it as an opportunity to clear blocks. Anytime something unpleasant or unwanted happens, you can ask "how did I create this?" and use the tools in this module to figure out how your old programs, beliefs, patterns, judgments, and emotions have attracted the situation.

Module 5: Intuition & Bold, Guided Action

In this module, you will learn how to tell the difference between intuition and fear, how human beings begin to block our 3rd eye and intuitive senses (and how to open them back up), and how the final step in the upgrading process is to take bold action when you feel guided to do so (even when your bold action doesn't make sense or seem logical). 

'Money Ceiling' Audio Clearing

Does your income always seem to be capped at a certain amount? Even when you make a little bit more, do unanticipated expenses knock you back into the same financial set point you've always been at? In this clearing, you will detect the blocks that stand in the way of busting through your financial ceiling so you can make (and keep!) more money!
Bonus Materials ($500 value!)

Future Self Meditation

In order to create a new reality, you must match your energetic vibration to the life you want. In this guided meditation, you will be aligning your vibration with your future self and jumping onto the timeline where your best life already exists.

Client Attraction Meditation

Use this meditation to expand your energy and connect with the people who want what you have to offer. In this 10 minute audio, you will communicate with the souls you are meant to serve and generate a magnetic energy that pulls them into your reality.

'Intuition' Audio Clearing

In this audio clearing, you will open up your connection with Source Energy / God / The Universe, tap into the information that is psychically available to you, and trust the information you receive.

'Cord Cutting' Audio Clearing

In this audio clearing, you will identify where you may have any energetic cords and attachments to other people that may be limiting your field of possibilities in life, love, and finances.
Up until recently, this audio program has only been available to members of Jacki Beem's 6 month live Energy Upgrade Program... and while members of this program paid between $5,000-$12,000 for access to these tools, the cost to you is only
Podcast Launch Special 
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Jacki Beem has been featured as an Energy Healing Expert In:
"I had some totally out of the blue and amazing audition experiences come up!"
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for these INCREDIBLE modules I've been listening to. After listening to the first two modules and implementing the (practices), I had some totally out of the blue and amazing audition experiences come up. It felt almost uncanny because it has just been crickets for so long. It felt like recognition of my work in a way I've been craving for so long and it just FELT related to the energy shift I could feel in myself. Almost like a letting go of the results and then they appeared.  I just wanted to say thank you so much because I'm really excited about this work. It feels like water after years of wandering in a desert :)  I'm so grateful to you.

Jessica P., Hollywood Actress

"I have had such financial success"

Before the Energy Upgrade Program, I was fighting to regain ground financially. I kept putting one foot in front of the other, but wasn’t getting ahead. Then, I started working with Jacki's tools, and during the Energy Upgrade Program I launched a 12 month course for teachers and I have had such financial success! I enrolled 500 PEOPLE into my course and made $250,000 in less than a year! Thank you Jacki, your group clearings on money are powerful! 

Sally Haughey, Founder of Fairy Dust Teaching
"This Audio Program took me from completely broke and heartbroken... to now having money saved and being happier and more free than I've EVER been"
My life has taken a complete 180 flip since doing this audio program. After I did the money clearings, I released so much baggage and limiting beliefs around money and my old career identity. I used to believe I had to work super hard to make money and that pattern left me so burnt out and confused. I used to put everyone else's needs first and I am finally cutting that out!! I enjoyed perhaps 5% of my previous business. A few days after I did one of the Money Upgrade recordings, I received crystal clear guidance that led me to make some bold moves. I have made thousands of dollars super quickly by selling flowers and singing in Hawaii. My two greatest passions! I now love about 95% of what I do. Plus I'm receiving generous gifts from the Universe out of nowhere. I'm paying off debts, getting on solid ground, and I feel so much more at peace. The Energy Upgrade Audio Program took me from completely broke and heartbroken from my divorce, to now having money saved and being happier and more free than I've EVER been. Thank you Jacki! You're a true miracle worker. And this is just the beginning!

Cindy Dabbous, Florist & Singer

"It is... tough to articulate the experience other than to say...WOW, incredibly powerful work and I would recommend to anyone willing to do the deeper work"
I am finally listening to the energy upgrade audios and when I was listening to...the 3rd module ("Clear Blocks and Get Connected") no surprise I had all these realizations and light bulbs going off, along with stuff showing up in life so I could start to find the emotions and patterns to clear. So many Ah-has. I do have a big vision and I am excited to see how this all continues to unfold. I'm also appreciative of the examples you shared in the energy upgrade modules, super helpful. I don't feel like I even have the words to express the gratitude I have for the work you do and the impact it has had so far. Thank you.

Jen Colombo, Artist & Creative Guide

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