Dissolving Love Blocks
(Video Clearing Series)

Here's What You'll Get:
 Learn how your energy works with regard to love, relationships, and creating a romantic dynamic into your life that deeply fulfills you. 
 Detect and release the programming that has been slowing down, blocking, or stalling a positive upgrade in your love life.
 Move into the vibration of your new, desired reality (or something even better that you don't yet know is possible!) and learn how to hold this vibration as your default state.
 Dissolve the energies and stories that make you feel unworthy of the love you desire.
Course Information:
  12 Weeks of Love Energy Coaching and Clearing Webinars to help you align your energy with the exact love life you desire.
  3 meditations to help you move into the vibration of your desired romantic reality.
  BONUS: Moving into the Vibration of Love (activation video) * 
  BONUS: Love Upgrade Sessions (8 Love Clearing Audios + a 20 minute Love Upgrade meditation)
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi
Join Us:
The live course took place in 2023. However, all video clearings and meditations are available, and ready for you!
Total Value: $2,500

Recorded Course Savings:
$1,500 $950
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