Clearing the Conditions to Being Loved
Audio Clearings + Water Frequency Formulas
In 2020, our Hi-Watt Living Platinum Clients spent three weeks taking the Healers Who Share ("HWS") waters listed below, and then showed up to a live retreat where we cleared the emotions, beliefs, and patterns that were being broken down by the waters. The results were unprecedented! While every live retreat since 2014 has resulted in a massive clearing of energy for our attendees, the presence of these waters allowed us to dig up and clear the roots of the energetic patterns much more efficiently (and prompted stored emotions to bubble up to the surface with less provocation).

Access Resonance - Belonging
Vow Re-Write CCC
Others Can Love Me - DCG #5

Audio #1: Digging Up the Blocks to Being Loved
In this audio recording, you will be walked into some of the unconscious vows and promises you made early in your life about who you must be in order to be loved. What did you have to do in order to be seen? What did you have to refrain from in order to stay safe? What role did you have to play in order to get attention and care? All of these are imprinted at an early age, and although they serve to keep you loved and cared for during your childhood, they often stick around long after that (creating a reality that doesn't work for your adult self). In some instances, they keep you in a reality where you are playing out patterns that aren't even working to get you love anymore... and in other instances, you will find yourself blocking out the love you seek because it isn't coming through in your conditioned way. *** On the flip side, you will also be digging out the programs and patterns that have you imposing conditions that OTHERS must meet in order for you to love them. Just think of all the love you're blocking out because you are requiring people to show up a certain way before you can love them. By the end of this 52 minute clearing, you will have detected and cleared several of these conditions ,and will thereby open up a wider net of people who will resonate with loving you (and being loved by you) without conditions.

Audio #2: Belonging 
In this second recording, you will continue to clear some of the excess energy that has been rattled loose by your three HWS waters, and then you will be guided into the reality where you remember a deep sense of belonging. Somewhere in your body, somewhere in your mind, you have a memory of what it felt like to belong. We are going to find this frequency and amplify it so you can send a signal to the Universe (through your vibration) that you're ready to settle into this planet with the person (or people) you belong with. When you have a sense of belonging, everything in the world feels right. You feel free, abundant, and loved. You are always filled with a sense that you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. You feel like you are here on purpose, and the Universe is always responding to this vibration by directing you to more places where you belong. 

While this live retreat was only available to our Platinum clients in 2020 (who paid over $20,000 to attend as a part of their package), these recordings are available to you for only $99! I hope you enjoy taking these waters and clearing your blocks. 
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