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2 payments of $550

$100 + $25 shipping: By checking this box, I am opting to place an order for two 16oz mega bottles of the Healers Who Share frequency waters that support my body with holding the frequencies we pull in through this Financial Intuition Course.

  25 Spaces Available
for attendees outside of Jacki's Platinum Program
Here's What You Get:
  Four (4) LIVE Monday Lessons
  Four (4) LIVE Tuesday Q&A Calls with Jacki
  Meditations to get you into the Financial Intuition Vibration: (1) Investor Affirmations, and (2) Creating Client Results
  Group + Individual Clearing on your blocks to financial intuition, as well as a guided experience to create the space for intuitive nudges to come through. 
  Lifetime access to the recordings from the entire course, including group clearings, lessons, and Q&A sessions.
  BONUS: Option to purchase exclusive Hi-Watt Living + Healer's Who Share Money Waters         
  BONUS: "Clearing Blocks to Financial Intuition" Possibility Squad group clearing video (from 2021)       
Cost for Live Participation:
$1100 * 2 payments of $550
$999 full pay discount for the first 15 people
 Money is usually attracted, not pursued.—Jim Rohn
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